Charles Frankston CBFatMIT-MC
Mon Aug 24 00:00:00 CEST 1981

    Date: 24 Aug 1981 1123-EDT
    From: J. Noel Chiappa <JNC at MIT-XX>
    In-Reply-To: Your message of 23-Aug-81 2242-EDT

    	We don't even have a loopback plug for a local interface, so
    it must have been the BBN repairman. Please make sure who's at fault
    before randomly flaming! If you can give me some more info, I will go
    barf at the NCC; they seem to still have not learned that leaving
    loopback plugs on enabled ports is an absolute no-no.

I didn't send the message to flame.  I was hoping someone would read it
and take appropriate action.  Perhaps the NCC merely had things logically
looped back (can they do that?).  In any event 3/54 (octal) was looped
back for at least an hour prior to my sending the message; probably
several hours in total.  Plenty of time for every host on the net to
unqueue their mail to themselves, rather than to MC.

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