IMP cretinosity

J. Noel Chiappa JNCatMIT-MC
Sun Aug 23 00:00:00 CEST 1981

	I'd have liked to send this to BUG-ARPANET, but the people
who should get this aren't on that list. Please add yourself if this
sort of stuff concerns you.

	The C/30 got in this bizarro state this afternoon where it was
looping trying to read in its micro-code from the micro-tape. I fixed
it by removing the tape, powering the machine down, reinserting the
tape, powering the machine back on and hitting the master reset button.
	This had the disadvantage that when it is powered off, all the
hosts are turned off in the software, and it needs manual intervention
by the NCC (which the guy on duty forgot to do) to turn them back on. The
error message reported by any attempt to use the net was "Random network
lossage", which sounds like the IMP lost all connection to the outside
world, except that I verified (by looking at the lights) that its
connections were in fact up. So if this happens again....

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