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___101 at MIT-MC ___101 at MIT-MC
Sat Jul 25 00:00:00 CEST 1981

I think I have a hung HACTRN.
I was in RMAIL, did a Quit command, it said WRITTEN:  REM;REM RMAIL
then just hung, never coming back to DDT.  I tried ctrl-Z many times
but they just echoed as ^Z and finally filled thebuffer and beeped.
I thought the system had hung so I went away for a half hour then
reconnecte to find my detached job.  I attached to it and found
it still in the sme funny state, ^Z ^Q ^G all just echoed (as
uparrow-Z uparrow-Q and a real live bell respectively) but didn't
abort the job or give a ddt prompt or anything.
I then disconnected again, leaving it detached for yo to look at.

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