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Moon at MIT-MC Moon at MIT-MC
Fri Jul 10 00:00:00 CEST 1981

    There has long been a problem whereby every so often
    a TV gets hung, but gunning or detaching its tree unhangs it.

When I have looked, the cause has always been that the 10/11 interface
spazzed writing into the 11, and so there is a -1 at the place where the
11 thinks the next character from the 10 will come, so the 11 never
processes any more characters.  Since the 10 is careful never to wrap
completely around the buffer, it never comes back and writes over that -1
again, so it stays there forever.  Detaching resets everyone's buffer pointers.

    Today, several TVs were hung and the usual fix did not unhang them.
    I discovered that they were hung becaue their TTOALC words
    contained 100 instead of the -1 that they should have contained.

I hope this was due to the heat.

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