Flakiness transferring file from AI to MC

Sun Jul 5 00:00:00 CEST 1981

I was trying to transfer a file from AI to MC earlier tonight, and the
connection appeared to freeze.  I got the ITS prompt again, but the
file was marked locked (according to FIND) and PEEK C shows it with a
J next to it.

Eventually the file became unlocked, and included both the original
file and many replications of some random cruft from elsewhere on the
disk.  Apparently the ^C was missed, and far more was transferred than

The file is MC:GUEST1;FONER LOSSAG.  Past around 47% of the way
through starts the peculiar lossage I've described.  Might this have
something to do with AI's IMP flakiness, or is this a genuine problem
with ITS or FTP or whatever really does the transfer?

I don't need an answer for this, really, since I can just retry the
transfer.  But it should probably be reported in case it's part of a
consistent pattern of garbling.



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