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Alan Bawden ALAN at AI.AI.MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 29 11:40:15 CET 1986

When I booted AI Friday morning, I wanted to test that I had built a
working front-end filesystem and DSKDMP on the secondary pack.  Since both
the 8080 front end and DSKDMP assume they should boot from unit #0, I
switched the unit number plugs so that the secondary pack was on unit #0
and the primary pack was on unit #1.

Well I just noticed that right now all new files on AI are being placed on
the secondary pack!  Yesterday, with the units arranged the other way files
were being made on PK0: just like the should have.  Perhaps this is some
unforseen result of my decision to number the secondary pack #1?  (I should
have chosen #13 to be conventional, but couldn't think of any reason why I
couldn't choose any number I wanted.)  Barf.

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