Grand migration begins

Alan Bawden ALAN at AI.AI.MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 24 03:27:35 CET 1986

OK this is it.  The migration of ITS system files from MC to AI is
beginning.  I have already moved a few directories and mailing lists and
having just moved Bug-ITS and Bug-DDT to AI, I thought I would test them by
informing you all of how this migration will work.  I expect to have most
of the SYS*** directories moved to AI by tomorrow.  If you have some
question about the status of a particular directory, look for a file on
that directory named " MOVED TO AI ".  If that file exists, then the file
you are looking for now lives on AI, edits on MC are likely to be lost.  If
that file doesn't exist, then MC still has the master copy.  In any case,
if I am logged in, be cautious about timing screws.

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