H19 emulators, and lossage and ANSI mode

Tue Nov 22 14:25:04 CET 2016

In implementing multiple insert/delete line for H19's, I used ANSI mode because
it was the only way to get it (as I imagine you know if you wrote an emulator).
This is what CRTSTY does.  Looks to me like there are two possibilities; a new
terminal type could be implemented (call it HDS or whatever) that would output
only HDS codes, or a bit could be defined to say don't do multiple operations.
I guess I'll do one of them when I get back.  If anyone thinks one way is more
tasteful than the other, let me know.  I lean towards a separate type because
it's easier to do :TCTYP HDS than :TCTYP H19 NO MULTIPLE (or worse yet, specify
the bits).

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