Possible errors in C100 support/additional information.

George Otto OTTO
Tue Nov 22 14:25:04 CET 2016

   I have tried the solution of indicating the speed of my terminal,
with no luck. Increasing the speed to 600, 1200, and finally 9600
did not change the behavior at all; in all cases the previously
reported errors occurred. Some additional information may be in order:
1) The :CLEAR command does not clear the screen, but only up-spaces
   about 10 lines,
2) The characters which are shipped out to my terminal in response
   to the "TCTYP C100" command switch my terminal over to the APL
   character set, which I must immediatly reset to make any sense
   of the transmissions,
3) My terminal is a CONCEPT APL, which, as far as anybody knows, is
   controlled identically to the CONCEPT 100. Local programs which
   use cursor homing, screen clearing, cursor addressing, and line
   insertion and deletion all work with no difficulty using the
   standard CONCEPT computer-issued command set.
If I can provide more information, please let me know.
                                               George Otto

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