Possible errors in C100 terminal support

George Otto OTTO
Tue Nov 22 14:25:04 CET 2016

   I am a new user on the ARPAnet and a new user on the MIT-AI
computer. I have used INFO for the past several days, using a
CONCEPT 100 terminal identified via a "TCTYP C100" command.
My reason for sending this note is that the screen control on my
terminal has been somewhat messy. I do not know if this is due
to a mistake in screen control or in the INFO program, so I thought
I'd simply describe the problem and let you sort it out.
   When I give a command such as "INFO INTRO" the display proceeds
as if on a regular TTY, i.e., the information is "painted" on the
screen line by line, scrolling the terminal when the cursor hits the
bottom line of the display. This usually results in "INFO docu-
mentation reader" line being left on the LAST line of the display
screen instead of in its usual place two lines above that. This
causes problems later when the screen is being overwritten, because
some display lines which are blank simply do a linefeed over the
previous text, leaving it on the screen along with the newer display.
Needless to say, these garbage lines make understanding of the new
display somewhat difficult.
   Once, and this happened on a redisplay request (^L) as well, the
scrolling operation was proceeding as described above when the cursor
jumped into the middle of the screen and continued from there. This
left a very confusing screen as a result.
   I think that a fair number of these problems could be removed if
the screen could be cleared once in awhile. This would remove possible 
garbage lines and also position the screen from the top down instead
of from the bottom up, thus putting everything where it was expected 
right off the bat. As it is, the screen is NEVER cleared.
   If there is anything you would like me to try on my terminal to help
identify what is going on more specifically, just let me know.

                                          George Otto
                                          (OTTO at WHARTON)

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